Love and Relationship Experts

The Motivation: My thought process behind this piece was mainly to inspire and educate. I wanted people my age to understand how important it is to sustain healthy and honest relationships. Break-ups happen every day. People are constantly falling in and out of love, and don’t have a clue why. It’s deeper than just love at first sight or you’re just not interested anymore; I wanted to tap into the reasons why people break-up the way they do and how can they do better the next time they decide to love again.

What I learned: What I learned from this piece is that love isn’t some simple emotion that can be explained in one word. It’s a process, a dedication and willingness to succeed with a partner. Breaking-up doesn’t break a person but rather educates them. It can teach a person things about yourself that you never knew existed. A break-up can stem from childhood experiences, past relationships or maybe even fear of failing, but all those reasons can be helped and healed. I learned that just because someone says that they love you doesn’t mean that they will respect you. For example, if my boyfriend constantly tells me that he loves me but then conducts our break-up via text message; that lets me know that he has no respect for our relationship, for my feelings or for himself. When you love someone, you cannot be selfish in the way you conduct certain situations. He should have sat down with me in person, talked to me and explained to me what is working in our relationship and what isn’t. I’m sorry, but a text message is not going to cut it.

How does this relate back to Flux? This piece falls into Flux because it demonstrates the coming together and pulling part of people. Love is ever changing. Relationships are ever changing. There’s no right or wrong way to go about this because everyone loves differently and receives love differently. I think that as a single person or even people that are in relationships, the main thing is to always stay open-mined to change and progressiveness.