Word! Anwer Key

Answer Key

How well do you know Midwest slang? Here are the answers to the crossword puzzle featured in the Flux issue of Echo magazine.


1. Fugazi
2. Sears Tower
5. Dip
7. Windy City
11. The Jewel
12. Ratatattat
13. Fields
16. Da Bears

3. Second City
4. LSD

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Uncovering the Shift of Religion

What I’m doing: Organized religions and their (sometimes similar) beliefs have always fascinated me, probably because I didn’t grow up religious and don’t understand most of them. But even more so, looking at why some millennials stray away from religion…

Process Blog

Storm Chasers: Sucked into the Chase

Violently spinning. Big hail everywhere. Enough debris to create a whole other storm. When a tornado hits, who are you gonna call?


We talked to professional storm chasers Alec Scholten, Shanda Hinnant, Danny Neal, and Adam Lucio. They all have…