Not-So-Feminist Guilty Pleasures

For some feminist help with one of my Echo pieces, I reached out to Carmen Rios and Jillian Gutowitz, co-hosts of The BOSSY Show podcast. We discussed the many tropes of fourth-wave feminism, Drake theories, and out-woking people online—but this…

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An Eavesdropped Surprise

When life throws unexpectedness your way, it’s your job to somehow accept it, even if you’re caught off guard.

This past weekend while I was working at my part-time job, I was chatting with a former boss who came…

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My Brain (Was) on Guacamole

Food and the beauty of food are two things that are constantly on my mind. Naturally, when it came time for our first Echo editorial meeting to happen, I wanted to pitch an article that was somehow related to…