Not-So-Feminist Guilty Pleasures

For some feminist help with one of my Echo pieces, I reached out to Carmen Rios and Jillian Gutowitz, co-hosts of The BOSSY Show podcast. We discussed the many tropes of fourth-wave feminism, Drake theories, and out-woking people online—but this…


Family Legacy: Madeline Brogdon

Madeline Brogdon—a 21-year-old Los Angeles native and fashion photography major at Columbia College—spoke with Bianca Smith about the impact Alzheimer’s has had on her family in the past, present, and future.


Madeline: My grandmother left in the middle of the night…


Love and Relationship Experts

The Motivation: My thought process behind this piece was mainly to inspire and educate. I wanted people my age to understand how important it is to sustain healthy and honest relationships. Break-ups happen every day. People are…