Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food Recalled in the US

Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food Recalled in the US

Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food Recall has shocked many pet lovers around the world. The recall was announced on July 7, 2020 due to the occurrence of salmonella outbreak among many dogs that were fed with Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food in the United States.

blue buffalo wet dog food

The recall was caused by the recall by the FDA, which was initiated by Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food recalls in May, 2020. The FDA recalls Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food after determining that the food contains aflatoxins, an ingredient that is a health risk to dogs.

This ingredient is used in Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food and may have serious effects on your dog. The FDA has warned that it may lead to death in case your dog has a diet with a high amount of aflatoxins in it.

Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food recalled in the US was manufactured in several states including Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and Arkansas. The FDA states that the aflatoxins are being distributed all over the country by the company.

The company had already been under a recall notice issued by the FDA when they announced the recall of Wet Dog Food. But still, the company continues to sell their products to the public. The FDA wants all of the contaminated food to be removed from the market and destroyed. If the company is unable to remove the contaminated food from the market, it will be taken back to the manufacturing plant for disposal.

The FDA had reported that all of the Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food was manufactured in the plants of New Jersey, New Mexico and Texas. But the company claims that the food is produced in the same place as the company’s other dog food. The company also says that the food has not been tainted. The FDA has taken a more serious view of the company’s claim that the food is manufactured in the same place.

As a result of the aflatoxins found in the Wet Dog Food, many dogs died, some of them were even euthanized. The majority of the dogs who became ill were dogs who have a weak immune system and who are considered low risk for getting aflatoxins from food. There were several high risk dogs that did not get sick.

However, because the Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food is a highly processed food and is very rich in aflatoxins, it is difficult to remove the food from the market. It was impossible to remove the food from the US market in one day, so the FDA is trying to get the contaminated food from the manufacturing plant to a central storage facility.

The company states that they will do everything in their power to make sure that all contaminated Wet Dog Food is removed from the market. They also have said that the food will be removed from the market within six to ten days. This could mean that you will not find Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food in your local pet stores any time soon.

It is unknown at this time if the FDA will be able to remove the Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food from the market. The company has made an arrangement with a facility in Florida to store the contaminated food, but that facility will not have to do the removal.

You should avoid the Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food as much as possible. You should buy your dog’s food from the local pet store.

You might want to get a sample of the Wet Dog Food, because the samples may be higher in aflatoxins than the regular Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food. If you find that the aflatoxins are too high, you should immediately throw away the water bowl, or at least a part of the water bowl.

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